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WHEN IN SUBIC: Enjoy Five-Star Authentic Japanese Ramen At Ramen Sora!
This week in <em>FHM's</em> Guide To Good Grub: Yet another reason to make the drive to Subic this summer!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 26, 2015
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With summer on the horizon, chances are high that you'll be visiting Subic soon. While the beaches in Zambales are our primary destination, there's one place we'd like to check out though when we go there this year: Ramen Sora, a Japanese restaurant known as one of the best in Sapporo in Japan.

Located at the Waterfront Road in Subic, Ramen Sora lives up to its name with its authentic ramen dishes along with Japanese signatures gyoza, chashu, karaage, and tempura. "Sora" is the Japanese term for "sky" (and also the name of our favorite hero from Kingdom Hearts) which basically means that Ramen Sora is ramen from the heavens itself.

Considered as Japan's culinary center, Sapporo is where you'd go for those who want to treat their palates to the best that Japanese food has to offer. And Ramen Sora happens to be one of the best in the area. Their motto: "No Ramen No Life."

And just one look at their deluxe miso ramen shows you how much they take the motto seriously:

That's one mouthwatering bowl of Japanese noodles right there.

Chef Yoshinari Ichise, the man behind the resto, explains that ramen is to Japan as rice is to Filipinos: "We [the Japanese] could not live without ramen. At Ramen Sora, we put our heart and soul into preparing dishes because we want to make our customers happy. Isn't happiness life's ultimate goal?"

The answer, obviously, is yes. And just by looking at these pictures, we can't help but feel happy over how yummy these gyoza and pork chashu bowl look:

The Subic branch is the first in the Philippines, and has been established here three years after they put up the first overseas Ramen Sora branch in Las Vegas, Nevada. The restaurant was a hit over there, garnering a 4.5/5 rating from travel site

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We're lucky that we now don't need an excuse to gamble at Nevada or save up for Japan just to visit the authentic ramen restaurant. Pack your bags, fellas; this Subic good-food-spot is a trip worth making!

Ramen Sora is operated by Prime Pacific Grill, Inc. of Gerry's Grill fame.

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