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How Leather Shoes Can Help Make You a Boss!

A foot in the door of the office you wish to work in begins with, believe us, a pair of good leather shoes
by Ash Mahinay | Mar 7, 2013
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First, do you have a job? If not, then allow us to show you first how to get a job with the help of a good pair of leather shoes—then we can talk about your future boss self.

The job interview can be a harrowing experience, but proper preparation will help take much of the edge off. Nothing impresses more then a perfect pair of leather shoes. Take your first steps to independence with our guide to de balat kicks, and you’ve already got one stylishly shod foot through the door.

Koskin, pleather, leatherette, faux leather–call it what you want but it’s never going to beat the real thing. Artificial skin isn’t without its uses, low-maintenance car seats are one, but do you really want your future boss to associate you with cheap seating? Mr. Eric Leung, general manager of Florsheim Asia Pacific Limited, extols the benefits of going legit: “Calf leather is one of the strongest material for shoes. It has pores and it breathes and absorbs moisture. Rubber doesn’t do this.”

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FHM says: Wince at the cost but invest on a pair anyway. Aside from good porma points, you get bang for your buck with real leather. You’re a working man now, there are standards to uphold!

                              This design's called a Derby, wear when your peg is saktong "gentleman"


Don’t think of the wide variety of styles available as a hassle. More options mean you’re more likely to find one that looks good on you. No need to go for the uso and look like a try-hard in front of your future boss. “Some people like the slip-on because they don’t want to tie a lace-up shoe. But for formal wear, it’s normally a lace-up.”

FHM says: Go with a design you prefer. All that matters is how clean you keep them.

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                                   This one is the Brogue-Wingtip, wear when you want to power dress


If you still think wearing leather shoes outside of work or a formal occasion marks you as a boring square, then you probably are one. “[In the age of] suit and ties, a pair of shiny leather shoes was a match for clothing. Nowadays it’s more relaxed and casual; new [footwear] materials like nubuck are in. But more and more teenagers are liking lace ups again—these used to be seen as their father’s shoes.”

FHM says: If you have fashion-blogger friends, then you should know that snazzy kicks on men are in. Ergo (and speaking of oldies), it is unforgivable to “borrow” your dad’s old beat-up pair.

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      Ah, Loafers, it goes with shorts, for that cassual cool vibe. More out-of-the-office than for-meetings wear


Stick to the basics for a classy first impression. “Styles are basically the same but they change colors and materials. Like the outsole, they add color so you can match it to your jeans, slacks, or shirt.”

FHM says: Once you’ve got the basics down, don’t go full-on eye-watering yellow or you’ll look like Ronald McDonald. If your tastes are a bit more, er, exuberant, choose shoes with colorful details on laces or soles instead.

NEXT: How to shop for comfort! Make 'em expensive leather shoes last!

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