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Why Do Pinoys Diss Inspired Sneaker Design?

Today, everyone is all about achieving the same aesthetic
by Ash Mahinay | Jan 15, 2018
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So a local shoe brand just came out with this:

Photo by World Balance

It's a clean sneaker that's made with today's ubiquitous sock-like construction. It looks a little derivative, sure, but then a lot of sock-style sneakers resemble each other. It's also off-brand for a label that's been around since the 1980s but, hey, even dad aesthetic pros World Balance have a futuristic sneaker now, you know?

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But this one in particular has a whole load of comments on its IG post that go like:

“Balenciaga *laughing with tears emoji*”

“Ginagaya Balenciaga”

“Balenciaga ripoff?”

For reference, this is the Balenciaga Speed Knit:

Photo by Balenciaga


Yes, there is a similar look, but then so do a whole lot of other sneakers from other brands nowadays. Aside from branding and logos, a sock shoe generally looks like, well, a sock shoe. But then you don't have Pinoys gleefully bashing them on social media—instead you get all sorts of “buy me this babe!” or “need!” because the public can be the worst supporters of items made-in-the-Philippines. Even worse, we diss local brands (which to be clear, may look similar but it doesn't make them fake or counterfeit) because they're cheap and marketed for the aspirational everyman who wants to get on that aesthetic.

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By the way, someone also mentioned it looks like the adidas NMD CS2 PK:

Photo by adidas

So, who copied who again?

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