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Kick like Brandon Vera

The premiere Pinoy mixed martial artist shows us how to properly boot someone’s ass!
| Aug 24, 2010
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Brandon “The Truth” Vera has terrible, flesh-numbing kicks. When asked what would happen to FHM if he hit us with a clean shot to the head, he says: “Tulog ka. Tulog talaga.” Seeing what he does inside the UFC’s Octagon, we believe him—one kano had to endure almost two rounds of Vera leg kicks before he fell down on his butt, unable to walk much less fight.   

This is the main reason why we begged the new Red Horse Beer endorser to teach us how to KTFO someone with a leg kick. We’re glad he obliged.

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1. Set it up
“Position your body 45 degrees away from your opponent,” starts Vera. Basically, you need to angle your body so that when your opponent misses a punch, you’ll be out of their line of sight.

2. Start the pain
Lift the ball of the non-kicking foot then swing your other heel towards your opponent. Lift the kicking leg’s knee up to the back foot. “The power of the kick comes from swinging your hips and arms and throwing your weight to it.”

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