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For Your Casual Lakad: 7 Preppy And Stylish Lacoste Kicks

Whether walking around in your 'hood or around a <em>sosi</em> city block, it pays to have a pair of kicks that looks nice, like these new offeringS from Lacoste.
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 4, 2014
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Much has been said about summer: beach, babes, outdoor activities, extreme sports. It's a fun, fun time!

But, for many of us, we're just glad to be able to casually walk around without fear of the sky literally raining on our parade. And when it comes to casual walking, whether in your 'hood or around a city block with sosi establishments, it pays to have a pair of kicks that can increase your man points.

So ditch the tsinelas, bros! Here we introduce you to Lacoste's latest line of walking shoes. Nothing too fancy here, just a bunch of new classy kicks that are comfy, preppy, and pogi all at the same time!


lacoste philippinesWith its gray exterior and minimalist look, the Misano 28 is both laid back and handsome, kinda like how we imagine ourselves to be when we're wearing it. Naks!


lacoste philippines
A unique-looking pair with a textured upper, the Aristide 13 is a super casual pair that lets your feet breathsocks or no socks. Be prepared for curious eyes and fingers once you don a pair.


lacoste philippines
We imagine the Bowrey PMN is perfect for those who frequently wear dark-colored printed polos and tees. We're now imagining it with a blue Superman shirt...bagay!


lacoste philippines
Want a stylish agaw-atensyon pair? Go with the Ramer QS! With its bright red frame, you'll be easily spotted across the road by your peers, who will then probably say, "Nice shoes, bro!" Don't worry; they're not being sarcastic.


lacoste philippines
Lace-less and with a suede upper, the Gazon 2 sports a classic walking shoe look and won't have you constantly checking your sintas.


lacoste philippines
We love this pair for two things: 1) The absolutely preppy look and; 2) The fact that it goes will with any kind of maong. Denim lovers, we are.

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lacoste philippines
And finally, a semi-high-cut offering for those not into low-tops. It doesn't have much visual elements, but that's the key for the Bellevue Mid OXR 2. It doesn't go overboard; it just stays classy, thanks to its safe, low-profile look.

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