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New Sneaker Alert: ARKK Copenhagen Is Simple Yet Stylish

For those who like to be a little different
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 13, 2017
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Coming in hot from the continent that gave us the Euro step and Ikea, Danish label ARKK Copenhagen is now available for those who don’t like to wear what everyone else is wearing.

According to their origin story back in 2014, co-founders Kasper Høj Rasmussen and Thomas Refdahl were unsatisfied with the samey choices available in all the stores–so they decided to create their own brand, just like that. They are also both into that minimalist yet luxe vibe as you can see from their designs:

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Eaglezero P5,995

Raven Nubuck P7,795

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Lion FG P8,495


They’re pretty much as close to unbranded-looking as you can get for a modern shoe, but since they aren’t crazy loud, you won’t have to constantly beat away people going “WHAT ARE THOOOSE?”

ARKK is for you dudes who really, really don’t want to be seen in the same pair as anyone else at work (because you are all already wearing the same Uniqlo tops), which is getting increasingly difficult nowadays. Or maybe you just need a change of pace from the current offerings yet still still need a sleek anchor to all your athleisure and streetwear fits. If that's the case, then slip into the warm Nordic embrace of these kicks.

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Available at The Nines, Uptown Mall, BGC; Sneak Peek Shang/ATC; and

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