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Nike Zoom Hyperfuse

<p>A shoe that promises explosive on-court performance</p>
| Aug 10, 2010
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Because basketball is often played not in proper hardcourts but in backstreets and rugged outdoor courts, Nike decided to create a pair of shoes that can withstand abuse from the most improper of basketball court surfaces.

Meet the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse, a pair of shoes inspired by the abuse that basketball footwear takes on rugged outdoor courts in China. It is constructed with Nike's innovative new technology that promises to  deliver strong, breathable, and lightweight structure for explosive on-court performance. That's right kids: with the Hyperfuse, you can play with all your heart and not worry about whether or not your shoes have decided to smile.

Hyperfuse revolutionizes the way shoes are made; Nike 'fuses' distinct layers into an engineered composite providing a kind of precision that the usual and traditional cut-and-sew construction can only dream of. And so a seamless unibody design distinctly Hyperfuse.

The Nike has only made the Zoom Hyperfuse available just last August 1. It retails for P5,995. Check out the gallery for more of Hyperfuse goodness.

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