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Paano #GawingGoodTrip Ang Date

#GawingGoodTrip your date with an <em>FHM</em> Babe with these tips!
| Jun 27, 2014
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Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re actually going to date an FHM Babe.

What will you do? Or how will you act without scaring the living daylights out of her? What if do something really stupid and throw away your already slim chance to get a second date? Pressure lang, 'no? 

Fortunately for us dreamers, we have an idol to look up to…and imitate.

Thanking his lucky stars/underwear/anting-anting is Neil Enore, the winner of AmbiPur's Radio Dating Game aired last May 26 on Boy's Night Out. Yeah, there's still hope for us all, apparently.

Take a page out of this lucky guy’s book and see for yourself how he managed to pull the impossible: take FHM Cover Girl Meg Imperial on a date and #GawingGoodTrip such a heart-stopping scenario!

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While it’s true that no plan survives first contact, it’s still wise to have some sort of a plan before going out on a date…much more on your first one. Neil knows that girls hate men who just say “Ikaw ang bahala,” when asked about the date details. So he did not shy away from showing Meg that he got this dinner date figured out and she only needed to have fun and not worry about anything.


This is really basic. You wouldn’t want to be the guy na nakapamburol or the underdressed schmuck that looked like your date’s alalay. That’s minus pogi points for you, dude. If you’re bringing your date to a really classy establishment, be sure to dress the part to avoid looking shabby or parang napadaan lang. On his part, Neil placed his cards just right and also elicited the FHM Babe’s attention. Nice one, dude!

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This is probably one of the least prioritized items during dates, whether it’s your first or not. While we agree that cars don’t make men, dyahe pa rin and major turn-off if your car isn’t properly running or if it doesn’t smell good inside. Pagsundo pa lang badshot ka na. Be sure to have your car tuned up, cleaned or at least have the new Vent Clip from AmbiPur installed. There’s nothing more telling of a man’s personality than a few minutes spent inside his car. Girls don’t want to date slobs, you know. 

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We got news for you parekoy: chivalry is not dead and not all gentlemen are six feet below the ground. Show her that you’re one of the few remaining ones. Simple gestures such as opening the door for her, letting her order first and of course, picking the tab would go a long way. Also, for the traditional gentleman, these actions should come out as natural just like what Neil did. See? Effortless lang.


You don’t have to possess the charisma and charm of the most badass hero you can think of, but then it’s a major turn-off for a girl if her date is a painfully shy guy. C’mon now, she already agreed to go out, so chances are she wants to spend time with you. Nenerbiyosin ka, sure, malamang that’s an FHM Babe we’re talking about! However, that doesn’t excuse you from taking the lead since ikaw ang nag-aya in the first place. We have no idea if he’s just faking it pero from the looks of it, Neil is of the comfortably confident type and he’s not afraid to flaunt it!

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Unless the universe is conspiring to help you the entire time or you’re just like the extremely lucky man here, there’s always this possibility that something will go wrong. From little things such as overbooked restaurants to more serious ones such as forgotten wallets, it’s important for you to keep your cool and have a contingency plan.

Also, bring extra cash. Who knows what additional dessert she’ll order or where you’ll go next after your dinner date.

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Finally, this is where Neil hit the jackpot. From words and even body language, every indication shows that Meg is comfortable with his company. Whatever effort you exert or whatever you do, all of this will ultimately be futile if your date isn’t comfortable even after the inescapable and napaka-awkward first few minutes.

And yes, eat your hearts out, mga inggitero. But who knows? Malay mo, after following these steps to improve your game, you end up with a Meg Imperial? Or, AmbiPur might hear our plea for another dating contest for us poor, poor boys charming and awesome heartthrobs...Yeah, keep on dreaming, mga pare. 

For dates, roadtrips and whatever occassion wherein you have to impress people, it's always better to be prepared. Ditch your old car perfume and use AmbiPur Vent Clip to ensure that your date or whoever it is that rides your car will have a lasting and fragrant impression of you.

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