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Goodbye Tsinelas: FHM's Guide To Baha-Proof Footwear

<em>FHM</em> helps you choose the right waterproof shoes!
by Cia Juan | Jun 26, 2014
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You know what really grinds our gears every rainy season? Getting our shoes wet from all that baha!

Lucky for girls, they have rainy days as excuse to wear boots, pumps, and all those stylish stuff they look cute in. But guys? Over 50 percent of us prefer simple hacks like these:

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Okay, we made that statistic up, but you get the idea. Plus points for resourcefulness, but do you really want to ruin your rainy day japorms by going barefoot or wrapping your shoes in condoms?

Of course not! And that's why FHM is back to your rescue, by helping you choose the right foul-weather footwear! 


Men’s Dusty from KIogs, P2,591

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These are heeled, leather-ish rubber Crocs but without the holes, so they’re presentable enough for school, office, or your semi-formal lakad.

Why buy them: They’re super comfy, slip-resistant, lightweight, and washable with soap and water.

How to wear them: Treat them as casual slip-ons or as uniform shoes, whatever floats your boat. Wear them with under dark trousers, khaki pants, colored pants, or maong, and they'll look just like your usual leather shoes. 

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From left: Himayat Waterproof Chukka Boots from Merrell, P7,686; 
Earthkeepers Ryker Waterproof Chukka Boots from Timberland, P7,027

This is the fancy term for work/desert boots usually made of leather and with chunky rubber soles. Not all Chukka boots are water-proof, so look for those made of weather-resistant leather like Cordovan or its synthetic counterpart. 

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Why buy them: They’re ankle length and classy, so you’ll be modeling your way through the flood.

How to wear them: Wear them under your jeans just like normal shoes or show them off by rolling up your pants. 


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From left: Earthkeepers waterproof boots from Timberland, P7,902;
Dauntless Composite combat boots from Reebok, P6,585

These are hardened but comfy leather boots you can wear to war!  

Why buy them: They’re super-porma and designed for rugged environments. 

How to wear them: Better let 'em show over your pants and pair with a matching jacket. If worn with black pants and blazer, combat boots can look cool as formal wear, too!

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From left: Darnel motorcycle boots, P6,585;
Scout motorcycle boots, P6,146, all from Harley-Davidson

They’re like combat boots but with very low heels and thicker skin for added protection from injuries.

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Why buy them: Because they look maangas with a bike and a leather jacket. 

How to wear them: Just like combat boots, they're best worn with sporty or pang-action-star jackets.

NEXT: For higher level baha: rubber boots and raincoat shoes! 

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