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FHM DIY: How To Rehab Your Flooded Shoes!

No bleach, no fabric softener, and absolutely no dryer! <em>FHM</em> teaches you how to wash your rain-soaked shoes without damaging them!
by Cia Juan | Jul 22, 2014
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Tag-ulan na naman! Prepare yourself (and your homes) for the rains, floods, and all the bad things that could happen under a downpour. 

Also, your shoes. Yes, those fancy shoes you've saved up for, now suddenly disheveled and deformed with all that baha

Your first instinct must be to rush them to the nearest laundry shop (which costs a minimum of P200 per pair, by the way), or hang them behind the fridge to dry.

But not so fast! Below are the common ways you and your laundry shop are unknowingly damaging your shoes, and what you can do to manhandle them with tender loving care, like what Will Smith is doing:

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Learn how to stop doing all these shoe cleaning mistakes now!


Are you guilty of these shoe abuses?

• Using bleach to wash your shoes, whether they're white or colored
Don't! Bleach leaves a yellow stain on white shoes and fades colored ones

• Using the washing machine or dryer to wash them
Don't! The quickly changing wet and dry conditions in the machine will weaken the shoes' glue

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• Hanging them behind the ref to dry
Don't! Heat will deform your shoes

• Putting them under direct sunlight
Don't! This will fade canvass shoes and cause leather shoes to crack

• Using fabric softener or strong detergents to remove odor
Don't! Fabric softeners leave a coating that takes away a shoe's quick-dry fabric’s ability to wick away moisture, while strong detergents fade color and dry up leather 

• Soaking your shoes overnight to make sure they're super clean the next day
Don't! Shoes aren't designed for water; soaking them, even in cleaning detergents, can further damage them!

So, what do you do then?

First off: Clean your shoes yourself; you never know how the laundry shop mishandles them. Plus, there's the satisfaction of cleaning and shining those precious things yourself!

And now, here's how you should do it:


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  • Mild soap (dishwashing soap will do)
  • Baking soda (instead of damaging bleach)
  • Rubbing alcohol (for tougher stains)
  • Cotton buds
  • Sponge 
  • Soft toothbrush
  • Rags

NEXT: A step-by-step guide to washing your shoes (correctly)! 

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