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NEW KICKS ALERT: These Vintage-Style New Runners Will Give You The Shoegasm You Need Today

Old-school shoes get a new lease on life with Saucony!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jun 4, 2015
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No one really understands the profound relationship between a man and his shoes. But if it ever comes to a point that our sex life depended on providing a clear explanation, we would point to Saucony Originals' take on the evolution of footwear and what makes men go gaga over it. 

FHM recently attended “The Saucony Story of Running” exhibit held at the Black Market, Makati where they showcased archive pieces from 1950’s to present day. Their most valued pieces were on display, each telling their own remarkable story.

These old-school kicks below are original versions of Saucony's first-ever release, the 7446 Spike. Back in the '50s, runners raced around using leather shoes. As we all know from our days playing "agawan base" in school, it's painful to run in leather. Some businessmen from Pensylvania came up with the idea to produce shoes made from lightweight kangaroo leather. The rest, as that horribly overused saying goes, is history.


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After three decades, Saucony released the Jazz O, the shoes that put the brand in the limelight. And because of the market's continuing demand for it, they re-designed it. You can now grab a pair for P3,995.


Then they released DXN Trainer, the kicks that helped American marathon runner Ron Dixon win the prestigious 1983 New York City Marathon.


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Fast forward to 1994, Saucony released the Grid 9000. It's a true monster of a shoe designed for performance running. It's back from the archives to provide you with maximum vintage style for P4,995.


We enjoyed seeing the transformation of shoes, but what caught our attention the most was the Collaboration Display in the exhibit. The collection bunched together an extensive line of exquisite kicks, from rare first editions of classic silhouettes to Saucony's rare collaborations with other design companies.


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Looking back, we picked our six favorites. Salivate over them below!

The Boston-based retailer Bodega is back with their latest collab, which they named Sweater Pack. Each pair features a suede upper with knit wool on the tongue and lace panels. It also has a white and red floral inner lining.


With just a glance you can surely tell the inspiration for this one: a hamburger. Well, this Saucony Original is actually called Burger. Its tan color resembles the bun while the red touches represent catsup, the green topping's supposed to be the lettuce and the white laces are mayo.


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Harping on one of the world's major issues, Saucony, in collaboration with Bait, released Global Warming. It embodies the possible color of the Earth in the future if global warming is to fulfill its dreadful prophecy. And to help promote the solution, they didn't use any synthetic derivatives on this pair.


Saucony teamed up with Premier, a Michigan based skate store, to bring you two versions of Life On Mars. These two fine pieces represent the murky red and black color of the second smallest planet.


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If you're after comfort over style, the White Mountaineering units would be a great choice for you. It's available in rich blue and white colorways. This Saucony Original features a vintage midsole and a contrasting outsole.


What goes with your blue shoes? Is your red shoes and green shirt outfit really so horrendous to look at? The piano-inspired kicks Keys Open Doors won't give you any porma problems. It's in black and white, a color combination you can pair almost anything with. Yes, even your green shirt!


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All shoes featured here are now available in Saucony Store Glorietta 3, and in all Complex Lifestyle Stores and Shoe Salon outlets!

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