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4 Shoes Perfect For Copping That Office Swagger

Finish off that professional look with stylish footwear
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You have arrived at a time when the dress code for work has become more and more relaxed, but that doesn’t mean you can show up at the meeting in the same threads you wear while binge-watching Narcos. To work at work, an informal piece of clothing should exhibit polish. That slouchy coat fits well, the denim jeans are selvage, and the lace- and eyelet-free shoes (that supports your aversion to knots) appear as solid and smooth as the ones you see here.

Shoes and portfolio by Tod’s, Greenbelt

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A little bit of squiggly texture on an otherwise straitlaced oxford is for the quietly subversive traditionalist.

Shoes and sunglasses by Louis Vuitton, Greenbelt 4

On the question of whether this creation is a leather derby with a rubber sole or a leather sneaker with derby details, the correct answer is that it looks good.

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Shoes, cup, saucer, milk jug, and teaspoon by Hermès, Greenbelt 3


Put aside the command that only black works for work. A rugged brogue in rich brown tones is a mighty companion for conquering reports and emails.

Shoes by Allen Edmonds, Rustan’s Makati; sunglasses and keychain by Prada, Greenbelt 4; card holder by Hermès, Greenbelt 3

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