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You Need To Own At Least One Of These Remixed Sneakers

Revamp your shoe game with these kicks
by Ash Mahinay | May 10, 2016
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If you still need more reasons to stock up on your favorite pairs aside from the fact that they are your favorite pairs, check out these reskins of some classic kicks with all sorts of fancy uppers.

A second chance at the one that got away

While looking at the comeback of tee shirt for your feet, we experienced a steadily growing noise in our heads—the screaming of our grade school selves. Chances are you didn’t get a pair of Nike Air Prestos in your youth, so you swore to yourself to buy them, once you made your own bank...then Nike sat on their hands and didn’t re-release them, and you bought Roshes or something instead.

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The Roshes had vibes like the legendary sock shoe but it wasn’t the same. Well, this May is the time to fulfill the dream in Flyknit-guise. The Nike Air Presto Ultra Flyknit combos the innovative-in-2000 design with innovative-today Flyknit tech for a shoe your 50-year-old self will berate you for if you don’t get it today.


A second chance at the one you slept on yesterday and it sold out

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The adidas ZX Flux is shaping up to be a modern classic. But sometimes people will refuse to acknowledge a great thing until a lot of time has passed because, well, we don’t know, shoes aren’t wines but whatever. By the time you accept that you need them in your life you’re left clutching air because early adopters have snapped them all up and you scream at the sky for a re-release. 

The ZX Flux Racer ASYM Prime knit is going to break your practical mind (again) with it’s asymmetric design but then again, its a legend in the making so get on board early this time, bro.

A second chance to buy something you already own

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Ahh, this is where things get tricky with regard to needs vs. wants. Chances are you already have a trusty pair of Chuck Taylors in your rotation, because these just don’t go out of style no matter what. But if you’re feeling OP because the rest of your squad is into knit this and that, the brains at Converse have got you covered: behold the Chuck II Knit! It’s not faster, neither more aerodynamic, nor will it give you mad hops but it is a tasteful remix of a mainstay. You also get the stuff inside the new Chuck II’s like Lunarlon and more padding. Mmm.


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