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Shoe Maintenance Must-Haves For The Sneaker-Obsessed Man

Every sneakerhead must be armed and ready to protect his kicks from the elements
by Benjie Gana | Dec 20, 2017
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We guys would all love to receive a pair of kicks for Christmas, but giving them out? That's a splurge only a select few would be worthy of. If you've got a lot of shoe lovers in your life, then we recommend stuffing their stockings with some of these sneakerhead essentials instead.

1) Shoe Cleaners

Every sneakerhead will be happy to have one of these—and even if he's already got some, a reload is always welcome!

Clyde Shoe Cleaner, P800

Photo by Tobys Sports

Locally made and 99% natural, the Clyde kit is the eco-friendly sneakerhead's best friend.

Get it here

Crep Protect Cure, P1045

Photo by Crep

Initially known for creating a treatment to not get your kicks filthy in the first place, Crep Protect came out with a kit to get them back to spec as well.

Get it here

Jason Markk 4 oz Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit, P895

Photo by Jason Markk

The OG of shoe cleaners, since then joined by a whole load of other products, but still an old faithful.

Get it here

Reshoevn8r Patented Sneaker Laundry System, P1150

Photo by RSVN8R

When your beloved shoes need more than a brushing—and you're feeling daring—the Reshoevn8r kit involves tossing them into the washing machine!

Get it here

2) Shoe Cleaners...on the go

Getting dirt on your kicks can ruin your vibe for the whole night as you can't wait to get home and clean them up. Well, there's really no need to wait if you have some of these portables.

Crep Protect Wipes, P795

Photo by Crep

Double sided for double the wiping action—one rough and heavy duty, the other softer for more delicate areas.

Get it here

Jason Markk Travel Shoe Cleaning Kit, P1195

Photo by Jason Markk

For someone chasing the fire grams abroad, stuff this into their backpack.

Get it here

Reshoevn8r Suede/Nubuck Eraser, P251

Photo byReshoevn8r

If you know a bro's favorite pair comes in either of these tricky materials.

Get it here


3) Shoe Fresheners

Shoes not only get dirty, but they can also start smelling pretty dank after too much use. These products will deodorize and eliminate odor-causing bacteria in your shoes, keeping them fragrant 24/7.

Crep Protect Pills, P445

Photo by Crep

Comes with a twisting “on/off” functionality, so you don't feel like you're wasting them if all your shoes currently pass the sniff test!

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Get it here

Clyde Activated Charcoal, P285

Photo by Clyde

There is a difference between uling and activated charcoal guys, so don't try to grill with these please.

Get it here

Sof Sole Sneaker Balls, P320

Photo by Sof Sole

Aside from your smelly kicks, you can also leave these balls in other stinky spots like your gym bag.

Get it here

4) Water & Stain Repellant Sprays

In case you still haven't noticed, we have the technology to protect shoes.

Crep Protect Spray, P995

Photo by Crep

The OG spray you probably know from someone pouring ketchup on a damn shoe for some reason.

Get it here

Clyde Water and Stain Repellant, P675

Photo by Clyde

Proudly marketed as not flammable so they're safe to spray on your most fire kicks.

Get it here

Jason Markk Repel, P945

Photo by Jason Markk

Touted to have a “Better than aerosol” spray quality, this will protect every molecule of your shoes.

Get it here


Sof Sole Products (Toby's, Planet Sports, The Athlete's Foot, Sports Warehouse, ROX)

Jason Markk (Titan)

Crep Protect (all over the place really)

Clyde (Toby's, Sole Academy, Urban Athletics,)

Reshovn8r (Sole Academy, The Nines)

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