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So You Want To Try Mountain Climbing...

Planning to take on the trek of a lifetime? <em>#FHMBionic</em> has a handy fitness guide for you!
by Anton D. Umali | Oct 1, 2014
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When planning a getaway, most revert to the obligatory beach trip to lounge around on the shore with beer in hand as they catch some UV rays. And then there are those who choose to push their limits in terms of adventure. And climbing Mt. Pulag, as we experienced, is one way of testing your thrill-seeking aptitude. 

Though it’s easy to dismiss the ascent to Mt. Pulag’s summit as a “weekend warrior” activity that any nature tripper could easily pull off, we learned that there’s a certain fitness element you must pay attention to should you choose to undertake the challenge.

Mt Pulag

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“Those who have an average level of fitness only need a month to prepare for a long mountain trek,” says Coach Joseph Pagulayan, personal trainer and founder of the Ground Zero fitness program. “But people who have a very basic level of fitness may need to prepare for three to four months.”

To fine-tune your bod for the trek of a lifetime, we’ve prepared a handy fitness guide for you. Check it out below!


Mt Pulag

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1) Proper posture - Keep your head high, chest out, shoulders pulled back and levelled, core must be engaged (avoid leaning forward and arching your back)

2) Swing your arms forward and backward generating an elevated rhythm and pace

3) Establish a proper foot strike and forward rolling technique in order for you to avoid shin splints, sprains, and tendon injuries

4) Walk and keep on walking, building on a good rhythm (smaller and quicker steps), proper form, and increasing distance

“If you look at trekking to the truest of its functions, you would notice that arms are not being used as much for the easier mountain trails,” Coach Joseph shares. “For the steeper trails, however, you may require some form of pulling and pushing yourself up to maneuver through rocky trail impediments.”


• Push-ups – eight to 20 reps for two sets

• Alligator Crawls – Be on all fours, walk forward by advancing one hand simultaneously with the opposite leg.  Continue walking on fours for a about 10 steps and crawl backwards. Repeat four times

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• Suspension Trainer Rows – 10 reps per grip position (Neutral and Pronated/palms down), check out this video for reference:

Special thanks to Coach Joseph Pagulayan of Ground Zero Fitness and Tristan Mirasol of
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