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LIFE HACK: How To Fold Shirts Like A Pro

Are you ready to become a t-shirt folding wonder?
| May 27, 2015
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Folding clothes isn't really one of man's known abilities. We don't know how our mom does it, we're secretly envious of supermarket ladies for having such crisp skills, and our luggage always ends up looking like a mountain of ukay-ukay clothes.

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But things are about to change,  bros. Gone are the days of disheveled dressers, you'll no longer wear shirts so wrinkled that people keep asking you if you took the MRT to work, and the best part of it all: You don't have to bring five bags of clothes the next time you spend your weekend in Baguio. We're gonna teach you how to fold like a pro!

Scroll down and check out easy and useful folding hacks that can help you pack your stuff neatly and twice as fast!


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1)   Divide the shirt into three parts

2)   Pinch Point One with your left hand and Point Two with your right

3)   Pull down Point One onto Point Three

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4)   Pinch all the three together and twist the shirt. Fold the shirt in half

This is how it'll look in real time:


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1)   Button only the top and bottom parts

2)   Flip it!

3)   Get a magazine and place it on top of the shirt. Fold the sleeves and the rest of the shirt around the magazine

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4)   Take out the magazine

5)   Get amazed at your newfound folding skills!


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1)   Fold it in half

2)   Put a hanger on the armpit

3)   Fold it over the hanger. No magic here, gents!

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For more ingenious ways to fold clothes, check out the video below:

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