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These Are The Best High-End Sneaker Resellers Online

Copping sneakers online is second nature to sneaker heads
by Benjie Gana | Dec 21, 2017
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Copping sneakers online is second nature to sneaker heads, but plopping down stacks of cash on a trust basis can be a bit scary for first-timers. No inane “HM PM” comments when you operate on this level. To get you started, we’ve legit checked some of the best resellers out there for you.

1) One Step Ahead Co.

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Their items range from the now staple Yeezys all the way to Patek Philippes that makes said Yeezys look like bargains. If you want to cop those coveted Bape x Undeafeated collabs or Fear of God Vans, this is the place to go.

2) Kickerspaniel

This man specializes in acquiring the most sought after runners out there. He can get you those Chanel NMDs or even the Adidas 3D Futurecraft, but you have to be willing to drop your 13th month pay for them (and your 12th, and 11th…).

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3) Buyair

Unit E50-51 Annapolis lane, Greenhills Theater Mall


Want some Jordans, Nike Vapormax, or some adidas Boosts? Are you the type who needs to see the merch in person before pulling the trigger? This is the store to visit to get them daily essentials.

4) Flight Club

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Going international if you’ve got some dollars to burn, Flight Club has become a household name in the resell industry. This is the usual store that celebrities visit if they want to cop some serious heat. They have two locations (Los Angeles and New York) but you can always visit their website.


5) StockX

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StockX is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can see the valuation of different sneakers—useful if you want to know whether someone is taking you for a ride on a pair. StockX can also act as a middleman for buyers and sellers—they authenticate the shoes of the seller and the funds of the buyer. If you don't want the hassle of "legit checking" sneakers ever again, Stock X is the place to go.

6) Grailed

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Grailed is a community marketplace for men's clothing. There is always going to be something for everyone here. From the high-end designer brands (Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, Gucci), to hype releases (Yeezy, Supreme, Palace), and even some core classics (J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, Levi's), you can find all sorts of long sold-out releases here on Grailed.

7) The Third World

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Facebook groups can be a cesspool of bump spam, fake goods, posts with no info, and dumb behavior in general. The Third World is a refuge from all that because of clear rules to ensure the quality of people who can even get into the group in the first place.


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We’ve got a clothing oriented presence on FB too of course, their About page listing a who’s who of the high-end: LV, Balmain, Dior, Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Raf Simons, Louboutins, Y3's, Margielas, Comme Des Garcons, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Goyard, MCM etc. And if you’re hunting rare footwear, well that’s the only sort they allow in here, fam.

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