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5 Essential Shoe Cleaning Tools For The OC Sneakerhead

Don't bring your beloved kicks to a sapatero just yet
by Ash Mahinay | Apr 27, 2016
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Even though it’s summer and we’re relatively clear from the threat of puddles and splashes sullying our kicks, OC shoe lovers know that we are never truly safe. Make sure you’ve got the essentials for cleaning your creps (or other kinds of kicks) handy for emergencies then.

For Fancy Suede Lovers:
Non-synthetic Shoe Brushes

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Is there anything that looks better but is more painfully prone to dirt and grime than suede? This is a special case, and to specifically deal with this glass cannon (in gaming lingo, an ultra-powerful but easily breakable weapon) of style, you take a shoe brush and rub it out vigorously on dirt and stains. And since you’ve got real cow, brush them with some real animal hair as well.

For the funky footed:
Cedar blocks 

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Cleanliness is also about having a non-rancid smelling pair. Many 'heads online swear by dryer sheets—what the heck are those though, we aren’t into the washing machine culture so much over here. Get cedar blocks from home improvement stores (or baking soda if you want to go cheaper) and leave some in your shoes for a while, they suck up unsavory smells while you work on better foot hygiene.


For dire emergencies: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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Letting a ketchup stain sit until you get home is obviously worse than getting it off right away, but a wet wipe can only get you so far. Pack a Magic Eraser (get them at True Value or Ace Hardware) in your murse and go to town on nasty stains—this is especially effective on harder materials like plastic, rubber, or leather. As a bonus, you can also use this on all your long tees.

All-in-one easy move:
Jason Markk Cleaning Kit

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Of course, being Pinoys, we love shortcuts and all that so if you’re looking for the ultimate solution, then go for a Jason Markk shoe cleaning kit. The best bit of our like-minded Fil-Am’s package is the cleaning solution that works on pretty much any shoe material. The elbow grease is still up to you though.

For environmentalists:
Old toothbrush

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Don’t toss away your frizzled toothbrushes when you’re done with them, they are the ultimate low-tech solution for getting into those nooks and crannies of your footwear.


Photos via (Non-synthetic shoe brush); (Cedar blocks); (Mr. Clean); (Jason Markk); (Old toothbrush)

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