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6 Ruggedly Cool Shoes From Hiphop's Favorite Boot-Makers

If you were a hiphop fan in the '90s, you know that these Timberlands are a must-have.
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 8, 2015
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Can a product be both sophisticated and rugged? For the answer, we turn to Timberland, makers of a pair of boots originally designed in 1973 for America's blue-collar works only to be turned into an icon of style by '90s hiphop stars such as Tupac, Notorious B.I.G. and Wu-Tang Clan.

The boots were tough, gritty, and rugged—traits that struck such a big chord with these artists that they couldn't help but sing about it. Biggie mentioned it in "Suicidal Thoughts" going, "Doesn't make sense goin' to heaven with the goodie goodies/Dressed in white, I like black Timbs and black hoodies." Wu-Tang's Raekwon referred to it in a song as "the boots that paved the way" while RZA once said in a Gravediggaz song that "I rock the boots with the trees."

These boots were steeped in hiphop mythology.

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But just as hiphop has matured to tackle topics in a more sophisticated manner and the rappers have gone from oversized hand-me-downs to bespoke attires, Timberland itself, as a brand, has aged finely. They've refined their range over the years, adding shoes that find home not just in the industrial setting and the hiphop scene but in the bigger concrete jungle itselt. It's not just for workers and rappers anymore—it's for the true-blue urbanite. 

Just look at the shoes from their Fall 2015 collection below. Launched at Hyve, BGC last September 4, 2015, Timberland's new collection mixes old-school toughness with modern sophistication. And while we don't have fall in the Philippines, well, we do have rain and intense heat, which can make short work of flimsy shoes. 

Timberland's campaign, called "The #ModernTrail," proposes that there is adventure in our daily lives even in the city—and that one should always be ready for it. These ready-for-anything shoes should help you do exactly that!

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Casual chukka boots great for biking around the city.

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It comes in different colors:


With its brogue-like details on the toe cap, it's smart enough for the office.

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Lift the jeans though, and it's a boot capable of protecting your toes on the daily commute.


Like boat shoes...but taller. Classy kicks in brown leather minus the snobbish vibe.

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Makes you feel like a bad boy greaser from the '50s while you're riding your motorbike. The dirtier they are, the better they look. Also has "anti-fatigue technology" to alleviate the pain of standing all day.

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Whether you're going for a weekend hike or walking though rain-drenched city streets, these boots will protect you from the elements.  

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Just the right amount of snooty for the guy who's feeling a little fashion-forward.

For prices and availability, check out Timberland Philippines' Facebook page. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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