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True brown style

<p>Here's how you wear your brown shoes</p>
| Jul 24, 2009
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If you're like any of FHM's drones, given a choice between black and brown shoes, you'd pick black, pronto. There's really not much to be discussed, right? You can wear it to every occasion, you'll easily get your money's worth, you simply can't go wrong. But brown?

News flash for your buddy: The color brown is always and forever regarded as casual. And given that everything is casual nowadays (business casual, smart casual, casual sex—got you there), it is safe to say that brown is a practical choice.

The casual tone that a pair of brown shoes lends to your ensemble immediately dresses you down. So though you're wearing balat, you can easily avoid heckling from yoru mates.

It's not the most usual of colors so off the bat, you're given a new look. But brown is also not a loud color, so already you'll be able to retain your low-profile.

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So how do you make brown work for you? Avoid the square toe; they simply do not look good. Getting a pair that mixes leather and rubber is a no-no; those materials are a mismatch! If you're thinking of going for the distressed look, sorry, that won't work. Remember, brown is already casual, so combining casual and distressed and you've got one lousy look.

The trick? Play. Think in colors and think in design. Check out our gallery to see what we're talking about.

All shoes are available at Traffic, located at the Power Plant Mall, The Podium, SM Mall of Asia, and The Block at SM North EDSA.



Words and styling: Kat Manalo
Photography: Dexter Erro

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