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Under Armour Finally Sheds 'Dad Shoe' Tag With The Curry 5

Recent birthday boy Stephen Curry would be proud
by John Paulo Aguilera | Mar 16, 2018
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Under Armour continues its redemption campaign with the Curry 5, after earlier editions of Stephen Curry's signature sneakers—except the last one—ended up being the butt of jokes on social media. 

The newest model to come out of designer Kort Neumann's workshop was released on Wednesday, March 14, coinciding with the two-time NBA champion and MVP's 30th birthday—hence the first colorway's name, "Pi Day." Despite Curry (ankle) not playing against the Lakers, he still turned heads wearing the 5's, whose initial 314 pairs understandably sold out in less than an hour.

According to its description on the website, the Curry 5 drew inspiration from the age-old equation of "squaring the circle." The Pi-themed basketball shoe will serve as the sweet-shooting guard's ultimate weapon to "achieve the impossible." Its design puts a premium on function and aesthetic by framing the upper's circular construction to the foot angle.


Curry will be able to keep his alert level through "containment areas" around the forefoot lateral wall and the heel lock in the foot. The "Pi Day" comes in a sleek Black/Metallic Iron scheme, with the mathematical constant hinted throughout the unit—the symbol in the knit of the shoe, 3.14.18 on the lace aglets, numbers on the sole, and sequence on an exclusive shoe box.

The 5's may look eerily similar to some of teammate Kevin Durant's sigs, particularly the 7's (midsole) and the 10's (lacing system), but overall, these fresh kicks no doubt give justice to a player of Curry's caliber. Finally, UA seems to have shed its ugly "dad shoe" tag with their flagship endorser.

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