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Leave them ratty sneakers in the bin
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 7, 2013
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Being pogi is not just from head to legs, it’s from head to toe. Because what good is a new button-down and a fancy watch if you're wearing the same ratty sneakers you've had since college? It’s time to refresh your shoe rack with some of the best styles in town that will definitely wow them ladies.

First, what is a good pair of shoes? We talked to Mr. Eric Chi Hung Leung, the General Manager of Florsheim shoes and asked him how to pick high quality footwear. Here are his six tips:

1) “Leather shoes should be contemporary. You should consider that the next generation are becoming more fashionable. Nowadays, we want very comfortable shoes—lightweight with good quality leather.”

2) “Don’t care about the brand; think that the most important is the leather and the lining.

3) “It should be reasonably hard, but not too hard—just enough to maintain the shoe shape, and not deform. But you have to be able to bend it at just before the toe area.”

4) “For daily use, it’s better to have a thick sole than a thin sole. Thin soles are for the office, for walking on carpet. But if you’re walking and standing a lot, I recommend a thicker sole.”

5) “A leather sole can absorb shock and moisture. In the Philippines, it’s really hot no matter what; leather will keep your foot much cooler and drier because the moisture can be absorbed by the leather. With rubber, it cannot be absorbed.”

6) “If there’s stitching on the sole, it’s the best.”

We know men’s shoes don’t undergo dramatic changes as women’s shoes but it doesn’t mean we are less stylish. When it comes to variety, you'll see that there's just as many to go shoe-crazy for.

Hit the gallery below to check some of them out!

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