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This New Shoe From Lacoste Has "Classy" Written All Over It

Stay classy, brother.
June 10, 2016
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Going casual doesn't have to mean leaving the class behind. Most guys make the mistake of dressing down on slow days, but that just shouldn't be the case.

Good thing Lacoste Footwear is more than ready to help those who are struggling with their fashion sense, courtesy of the new Louveau for men.

This slip-on footwear perfectly encapsulates what "casual classy" is all about. The silhouette retains that classic look and feel that should be a staple in every fashionable men’s wardrobe, while also donning that premium finish that is undeniably a mark of a Lacoste footwear.

The Louveau is available in two distinct colors: Tan and Dark Green. The elegant contrast of the clean, white sole, meanwhile, makes it easier to match and pair with your weekend outfit, whether it be made up of muted tones or a more expressive palette of varying shades.

Just right at the heel, you get the Lacoste logo, discreetly reminding you that subtle as the branding may be, there is no denying that this is one pair of shoes that adheres to high quality standards and decades’ worth of impeccable design history.

So if you are feeling rather unsure and lost without your regular sneaks and kicks, the quietly elegant Louveau from Lacoste Footwear has got your soles covered.

Go get these kicks at a Lacoste boutique near you and head over to to see more styles.