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Articles about 15 Things A Man Must Know: The FHM Bionic Edition

This week: The Mountain's new weightlifting record, Kanye's latest good deed, and a new outdoor archery range in Pampanga!
This week: DeMarcus Cousins​'s horrendous defense, Manny Pacquiao​'s game-winning shot, and the amazing strength of Shaq's wife!
Here's everything you need to stay committed to the gym this 2015!
This week in the FHM Bionic edition of 15 Things: the hottest rock climber in the world, a dude with two dicks, a severely-obese beagle, and a 103-year-old golfer, among others
This week: Hugh Jackman's monstrous gym routine, Jabari Parker's ACL injury, and the new and improved Britney Spears, among others.