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Comic book artist and writer Arnold Arre has some ideas
These clever under the radar creations has more to offer than the campy ARRGH!, CRRAACK!, KAPOW!
...and it's eerily similar to Mar Roxas' 'Sa Gitna Ng Unos'
‘Sa Gitna Ng Unos’ is a page-turner, just not in a very positive way
Because behind every successful hero is a trusty sidekick who's there when things get tough.
Minsan, may mga bagay na mangyayari lamang kung ating pagsasama-samahan ang ating boses at lakas. Tulad na lamang ng...
Pinoy comic's newest online sensation, is now on FHM.com.ph!
It's time you know about the next great Pinoy comic strip, Libreng Komiks!
The Dark Knight's helmet alone is worth more than what most of us will earn in a lifetime.
Archie joins Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America, and a host of other slain comic book characters!
Another ToyCon, another three days of our savings hanging on for dear life
The new X-Men movie is about a month away. Here's something to pump up the excitement.
So that you'll be ready come 2012!