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Articles about FHM february 2014 issue

FHM favorite Angela Gabrielle is back! And this time she's going with less clothes-yep, we also didn't think it was possible
In whatever guise Phoemela Baranda chooses to reel you in—as model, host, or actress—trust that she’ll do so using all her powers to enchant!
FHM's hot-blooded columnists decide which tool is more effective in setting your honey on fire!
In this week's edition of InstaSexy, we dig deep down Phoemela Baranda's Instagram page to find out what it's like to live a supermodel's awesome life!
Import model Trinity Dang is capable of having us on our knees, thanking the high heavens!
We go waaaaaay back with Phoemela Baranda. So much so that she's gone through the three stages of a showbiz career—from next big thing to household name to industry veteran—right under our wing. Here's our proof!