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Because you can be thrifty at everything else, just not food—especially Noche Buena food!
Because that gift you painstakingly searched for shouldn't look like wrapped tinapa.
A list of the super expensive things we'd all buy if we had the dough—because #LibreLangAngMangarap
Whether you're an ultimate sports fan or a glasses-wearing otaku-lover, your man cave needs some primping. The #FHMGiftGuide2014 comes to your rescue!
Petrol-heads, gearheads, grease monkeys—call them what you want, but one thing's for sure: If you're going to give them a mug, make sure it has the photo of a shiny, red sports car.
So you've already bought something for yourself, your family, and your girl(s). But what about your bespren, sila kumpare, and your pilyong tito?