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She stays up late playing Halo, looks dreamy in tight panties, and even teaches girls how to go-go dance in China. Yup, Jen here is hotter than a bowl of Pho!
Keep your summer A-game in check as we give you the FHM Summer Hotties!
Seeing Marian Rivera at 5:30 a.m. — she in a gossamer white shirt and sporting a abrely made-up, almost fresh-out-of-bed look — one could say it's as good as waking up next to the Sexiest Woman in the Land.
In whatever guise Phoemela Baranda chooses to reel you in—as model, host, or actress—trust that she’ll do so using all her powers to enchant!
Import model Trinity Dang is capable of having us on our knees, thanking the high heavens!