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What’s that fragrant thing on her sleeve called? We get extra nosy to find out...
So you were able to finally land a date with THE girl. Congrats, bro! It's all thumbs-ups and fist-bumps from here on out... until something kaka-T.O. happens. Not that we lack faith in you, but contain your eagerness and follow FHM's First Date tips.
We've given you the tips on how to please your girl. This time, the attention's on us dudes! With these manscaping tips, you can be the most pogi version of yourself for V-Day!
Because February is all about going the extra mile for your girl, here's our guide to the romantic concerts this month. Don't settle for another movie-and-fast-food date, bros!
The right songs at the right time makes her one happy lady—and you, one relieved dude