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A Movember party, a music+cinema fest, a macho event, and an annual holiday tradition!
This can't-miss spots this weekend according to the #FHMGimikGuide: a food fest, a resto launch (free food and drinks!), and a whole lot of art (plus, you know, Grease: The Musical)!
It's Pay Day Friday, people! Here's what you can do with your hard-earned cash, courtesy of the FHM Gimik Guide!
 A Spooky Movie Marathon, A Bloody Fun Run And An Epic Chug Fest!
A city-wide food festival, a German beer fest, a Jedi gathering, and a color-filled fun run!
Happy Friday, FHM Nation! Now let's get ready for Neverland Manila, a beer festival, and more spots to #waldas at this payday long weekend!