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For their final rebuttal, Abby and Jahziel go all out in giving your sex life a permanent fix.
When ‘sorry’ and shutting up don’t cut it, our Sex MDs fill in the blanks…
If you haven’t already done it, you’ve thought about it enough. Here are our sexperts', Abby Poblador and Jahziel Manabat, terms and conditions when whipping out that camera during sexy time!
Looking to tweak classic and not-so-classic thrusting maneuvers? Our sexperts, Abby Poblador and Jahziel Manabat, debate the best way how!
Monday's such a party pooper, but we're going to be alright. Marian, Erika, Beauty, and the rest of the Girls of FHM will provide us all the inspiration we need!
Behold, one of the best ways to measure true beauty (aside from looking deep inside and yada yada of course): The Bare Face Selfie!