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Plus cute but terrifying animals and fun tidbits about your favorite Hollywood stars
Plus: Joe Manganiello as DC’s Deathstroke, a manhood that's '10 times the normal size,' and a parasite named after President Obama
They traded snippets from famous artists like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Meghan Trainor
From her verbal bouts with Mayweather to choosing between Goku and Vegeta as a sparring partner, here are the undefeated MMA legend's top sound bites this year!
The ability to come up with genius lines in an instant is nothing short of impressive.
The American pop star tried the lip sync app on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the international media went nuts. They obviously haven’t yet heard of Yaya Dub.
Why is Jeremy Renner so sad? The fact that he's Hawkeye has something to do about it.
A lip sync battle with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, photobombing with Captain America and Star-Lord, singing 'We Are The Champions' with Ariana Grande and other music superstars: Jimmy Fallon had a great Super Bowl experience!
This week: a 30-year-old brat, a 60-year-old supermodel, and a 27-year-old virgin!
This week: the new Archie, Tom Hiddleston in Sandman, and the "scary-ass" trailer to Andi Eigenmann's new movie!
Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon's "Breakdance Conversation," why all fiancés should be afraid of dwarf strippers, an awesome, doodle-filled Nissan Skyline GTR, and more! 
Gosling does it again! Read on for your weekly dose of man knowledge!