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Of bad breath and stinky feet
When your buddies fail you even in after life...
This can pass up for a Maury episode.
This month: one-liner punchlines
Smart-assery in every shape and color
Smart-assery in every shape and color!
Tech brands are always among the busiest pranksters!
Guaranteed 100 times funnier than what you’re smelling now!
This month: an old couple, a pricey dental procedure, a curious midget, and grieving husbands
Also free with this month’s issue: your ticket to her Funniest Men list!
Everything is funny and nothing bad will happen
Let's keep the punchlines coming!
Humor > six-pack abs; laughter = talking frog
Who do you think pays more: a priest, a policeman, or a senator? Our barber friend, Pedro, finds out!
A store that sells husbands opens in the city...