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If you've ever wondered what the ladies say about your general when you're not around, wonder no more. FHM corralled five experienced ladies who don't mind talking about all things pototoy related.
With a little help from the moon, metaphysics, and astrology, it isn't as hard to weather women's moods and libido after all
Join us as we travel to the finest destinations in the meet the best (and most attainable) women the rest of the world has to offer!
Sure, sex is great anywhere, but the simple truth is you and your woman will always go back to your homiest spot: the bedroom. FHM teaches you how to spruce it up!
So what are all those mystical sounding ingredients in your sex aid? FHM investigates and reveal why they're the perfect bembang boosters!  
Forget your four-post bed and the comforts of your private quarters. Take outdoor (and preferably public) sex to uncharted heights with this guide to getting it on al fresco!