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FHM August 2014 Online Babe Sunshine Garcia puts her own sweet spin on the classic banana split!
Watch Sunshine work her sexy hips during her FHM Online Babe shoot!
We plucked Sunshine away from her Banana Nite BFFs for her first Online Babe shoot!
She can burn you with her looks...and her hataw dance moves! Give it up for Sunshine Garcia!
It took us 10 long years, but Sunshine's back on our arms again and she's looking sexier than ever! We celebrate this reunion, by taking a look at @sunshine_garcia's collection of sexy Instagram photos!
After almost a decade, Sunshine Garcia is back on FHM, looking sexier and fresher than ever. We admit, it's a travesty you had to wait this long to see her again on our pages! This is us making up with you!