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We asked one of our not-so-techie staffers to use the Lenovo K900 for a month to see if it indeed lives up to its catchphrase "Walang Iwanan."
A sleek man device with class and lots of power
More than a cool device, it will make or change trends
It takes an extraordinary human being to be part of this extraordinary adventure
Making tech events a delight, even for non-geeks!
The man who simplified using a computer
Because they deserve some techie lovin', too!
Be the star of the umbrella-totin' crowd with these!
Weird tech stuff that are both freaky and awesome!
Forget Dan Brown, Microsoft knows the real truth!
Flexibility in what you pay for and what you can get
Because babes and tech do mix, and the combination is explosively sexy!
Reserved for the filthiest of the filthy rich
Because every laptop is a hard-earned investment
The S4 is ready to take on the best of the smartphone universe!
The smartphone wars is getting very interesting...