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A New Meme Is Born Again With 'Lord Jesas'

You know what to say
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Aug 2, 2018
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“When you feel lost and you can’t find your way, God is the answer.”

Apparently, this resonated with a particular family driver in Mandaluyong. The driver dropped off his boss’ kids at school but was stopped by the MMDA. They were trying to give him a ticket for letting the kids go down the car in the wrong place instead of the specified drop-off zone.

This led to the driver telling the enforcers to talk to his boss and give his boss the ticket instead. But when the MMDA and the media asked who his boss is, the driver was pressured to give the silliest and most hilarious answer he could give.

But come to think of it, kuya driver's answer can be used in various scenarios to get yourself out of sticky situations. 

Friend: Tol, may nagyayaya sa ‘kin mag-double date. Wala naman akong jowa. Sino yayayain ko?


Classmate: *bumubulong* Patulong naman. ‘Di ako nakapag-review eh. Alam mo ba answer sa number 7?


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Me, under pressure because of deadline: Patulong naman ako mag-isip ng memes.

Friends: 'Wag na kami, iba na lang.

Me: Kayo nga mga kaibigan ko eh. Sino pa hihingan ko ng tulong?


Officemate: Bakit ang tagal pa ng sweldo?! Anong ibabayad ko sa bills namin?


Kaaway: Walang nagmamahal sa ‘yo!

Me: Meron!

Kaaway: Sino?!


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Me: Pare, nasiraan ako ng kotse! Sino tatawagan ko?

Sarcastic friend:

Exam question sa Meme University: Sino ang anak ni Mamshie Mary?


When you try to be kinky in bed: Who's your daddy?

But your girlfriend isn't having any of it:

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Friend: Dude, don't smoke here. Strict na Duterte administration about that.

Me, trying to be badass: I answer to no one except...

Friend: Except who?


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