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Apparently, The Viral ‘Adobo Forever Perfume’ Was Only An April Fools' Prank

Do you want to smell like your favorite Filipino dish?
by Khatrina Bonagua | Apr 3, 2018
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You’ve probably come acrosee the now viral Facebook advertisement about an adobo-scented perfume .

The ad features a new fragrance called the Adobo Forever Perfume, which is being offered by restaurant Adobo Connection. The perfume has two variants: Pork Adobo Forever and Chicken Adobo Forever. You can get it for P299 each, in a 50 ml bottle, for a limited time only.

The post has over 18,000 reactions, 10,000 shares, and 6,000 comments as of writing.

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With the tagline “Ang pambansang ulam noon, pabango na ngayon,” the perfume enticed foodies and fragrance-lovers to order one for themselves and even for their loved ones. The product was sold out 4 days after it was launched.

Along with the announcement that reservations are over, last April 1, Adobo Connection also revealed that the ad was only an April Fools' Joke.

Sa lahat ng natuwa, na-shookt, nagulumihanan, at nagshare — salamat po! Happy April Fools' Day!” they said in a post. “Sa mga nagreserve naman po ng Adobo Forever Perfume sa aming website, may regalo po kami sa email niyo this month! Abangan!”

With the overwhelming response (and over 300 orders as revealed by the restaurant), we can say that Adobo Connection’s Adobo Perfume is definitely one of the most successful April Fools' pranks the country has experienced!


Adobo Connection’s Pam De Guzman shared how the successful campaign started in an interview with

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“We wanted to do something different," she explained, "as most brands would probably focus on the 'Easter Sunday' angle—so we thought, ‘hey why don't we do an April Fools' joke instead’! And then, we just thought of crazy ideas, and adobo perfume happened to be one of them. The idea basically is that, since adobo is argued to be our national dish, we should then be proud enough to wear it—hence, the adobo perfume!”

Aside from the witty Facebook post, the team actually formulated an adobo-scented perfume. They even sent out samples to some lucky 20 people.

“In our commitment to being the purveyor of the country’s national dish, we proudly release Adobo Forever” the restaurant’s head chef, Anne Cruz, said in the letter.

She adds: “Adobo Forever is a special fragrance that will surely trigger nostalgia and memories of your mother cooking adobo for your family.”

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So how did they come up with the adobo scent? According to Pam, their team—who they call chefs-turned-perfumers—was responsible for this.

“It was basically our RND Team!" she explained. "They researched on how we could create an adobo-scented perfume that's still mabango, without losing the adobo essence." 

There’s actually a difference between the two variants: Pork Adobo Forever smells a bit “oilier” than the Chicken Adobo Forever.  

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Now that netizens are actually wanting to buy the perfume, do they have any plans of fulfilling this request?

“Again, this is just an April fools' campaign," Pam explains. "But with the feedback that we got, we're now actually thinking of making this real thing. Anyway, those who actually reserved can expect a special gift from us.” 

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