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The Most Savage Reactions To The 'Bagani' Costume Fail

BagaNike or HypeBagani?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 23, 2018
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It would probably be better if Bagani was self-aware of its meme-able nature—"malaking ibon" of Lakas, Babaylan chanting "Mekeni mekeni tug tog do re mi"—but that doesn't seem to be the case.

The fantaserye, which stars Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, has already been called out for a specific kinf of tone deafness when it comes to certain cultural issues. And recently, eagle-eyed netizens spotted something gravely out of place in the ABS-CBN series set in fictional Sansinukob:

This isn't the first time a visual blooper like this was committed in Philippine TV—just ask Don Emilio from Ang Probinsyano, and Emma and Georgia from Ika-6 na Utos. But isn't the latest Bagani hot topic an indication that the quality of local productions hasn't improved and showrunners haven't learned from past mistakes?

If anything, social media wasn't letting this one go, and confirmed that Reddit might just have more creativity than the show's creators. Check out these priceless reactions.

When your argument defeats itself

The problem with multitasking

Do you guys still have an opening?


Dong Abay is not impressed

That would be more understandable

Someone tag that genius Asian dude

Well, that (sort of) explains it

BagaNike or HypeBagani?


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