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The Most Triggered Reactions To Carlos Agassi's Cyberflirting Issue

He has aired his side regarding this trending topic
by Khatrina Bonagua | Feb 5, 2018
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A Facebook page has exposed Carlos Agassi’s alleged cyberflirting through Facebook and Instagram messaging.

In the viral post, screenshots show the actor’s conversations with various women—most of them, he just met online. As of writing, the post has over 21k likes, 13k shares, and over 10k comments.



In a series of Instagram updates, Carlos finally aired his side regarding the issue.

Consequently, the world of social media shared their thoughts about the cyberflirting news.

Some were appalled by his behavior



Meanwhile, there were some who agreed with his side of story

Of course, others couldn’t help but share their hilarious takes on the issue


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