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Drew Olivar And Mocha Uson Have Learned Nothing From Their Viral Past

Can we please cancel these two?
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Sep 17, 2018
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Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson and her vlogger BFF Drew Olivar once again felt the ire of Filipinos everywhere for a blatant exhibition of disrespect. This time, they mocked the deaf and mute and the use of sign language in an unfunny skit.

Before they went on air for their Tambayang Mocha at Drew (TMD) show on DWIZ last September 14, the two went live on Mocha’s blog page first. Satirical page Malacañang Events and Catering Services, choppped the 12-minute video to these first 46 seconds.

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Mocha told the viewers that Drew would talk to them in sign language. From there, Drew was front and center, randomly moving his hands around, forming shapes, changing facial expressions, all while making squealing sounds to mimic the deaf and mute.

Meanwhile, off-cam, Mocha Uson laughs like a hyena.

It doesn’t take a critic (or a dilawan) to see what’s wrong with what they did. It’s the most insulting and degrading thing they’ve done since their problematic “Pepedederalismo” jingle and dance.

Both are unforgivable displays of ignorance and foolishness. Although it comes as no surprise, we assume they would’ve learned something from their last EPIC FAIL collab. But, true to form, they didn’t.

The pair violated section 39 of Republic Act 9442, which defines public ridicule as “an act of making fun or contemptuous imitating or making a mockery of persons with additional needs whether in writing, or in words, or in action due to impairment/s.”

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Not only should Mocha and Drew be obligated to issue a public apology, the administration should also impose appropriate sanctions on them. It should be an option to fire Mocha from her position and not let them be part of the administration in any capacity. It’s pretty obvious that Mocha and her cohorts don't value the gravity of her position and responsibilities. 

A regular employee of any job in any place would be terminated for violating simple standards of behavior. For an individual in the communications department of the government, Mocha and her crew get away with too much. 

Let's just admit that there are far more deserving people who could take her place. We need leaders who inspire the inclusion of minorities, the handicapped, and the voiceless—not indivduals who promote prejudice and narrow-mindedness. 

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