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Fans Make 'Halik' Trend Again Because Cheaters Never Win

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by Emmanuel Calingacion | Nov 9, 2018
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Halik may just very well be the best thing on Philippine television right now, and we’re not even close to sick of it. In fact, with the show just getting better and better, and raising the stakes higher and higher, we’re just falling in love with it more and more.

We all know that one of Halik’s main attractions is its star power and the cast’s unbridled sex appeal. Girls go crazy for Lino (Jericho Rosales) and Ace (Sam Milby), while boys (reasonably) have the hots for Jackie (Yen Santos) and Jade (Yam Concepcion). But behind these stars' pretty faces, frequent making out and making love, and undeniable talent, it’s the story that makes Halik a fun and exhilarating watch. Delving into the realistic and rampant issue of infidelity and betrayal, Halik not only presents relatable plots and scenarios, but it also evokes lessons that viewers consume with much enthusiasm.

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And just last night, the show trended once again with its #SalpukangHalik. In the much-awaited episode where the four confront each other, fans couldn’t wait to see Jade and Ace (aka the cheaters) get what they deserve.

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