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Why This Funny AF 'In A Relationship' Status Meme Went Viral

You secretly want to do something like this and you know it
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Aug 2, 2018
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There’s this photo going around social media sites like Reddit that seems to have originated from Facebook. It’s actually a public ‘In a Relationship’ post by a couple who had sweet intentions in mind. But knowing the silliness prevalent online, this ultra-hilarious image could also be a meme.

Those who have done this on FB know that the algorithm puts your profile pictures side-by-side with the ‘In a Relationship’ tag above. If the photo is real, then this couple got creative and decided they would take each other’s photos doing half of a heart so when they announce their relationship to the world, their photos beside each other will form a heart. Awww.

And here is the end result:

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Now, of course, it’s not the first time some lovers tried something like this out. Usually it’s executed in a simple and cute manner, like maybe a photo of them together that they cropped for profile pictures and when they announce their relationship status, it creates the solid photo it once was. Sometimes couples use each of their hands to form hearts like AlDub used to do when Eat Bulaga! Shows a split screen of them from different locations, but this couple took it to the next level and decided “you know what, fuck that, let’s make a heart shape with our bodies.”

Sure, it looks silly now, but the idea of doing it is pretty creative and resourceful. This couple (or the meme-maker) tried to take it up a notch even if they would look stupidly hilarious. It’s just a case of a good concept that was poorly executed.

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Of course, this being an epic fail and people finding it funny, it was enough for them to click the ‘Share’ button to tell their friends to even maybe try and imitate this ridiculous pose.

It went viral instantly, because, admit it, you’ve thought about doing something like this with your wife or husband, your girlfriend or boyfriend. Not exactly like this or as ridiculous and bold as this, but a different take on how to promote your relationship with your special someone in a big way. Many of us can relate, but we’re just not that willing to make fun of ourselves.

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