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The Internet Reacts To Miss Japan's Sailor Moon Costume For Miss U

She does look good in it though
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Nov 22, 2018
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We can’t even make this up: Japan’s representative for this year’s Miss Universe, Yuumi Kato, donned the famous magical school girl outfit of Sailor Moon as her country’s national costume! If that isn’t over-the-top (and weirdly appropriate), we don’t know what is.

But at first, Kato was actually dressed like a really fashionable ninja, and then, suddenly, she spins around, taking off the top layer of her clothes, and revealing her Sailor Moon costume. Her transformation on stage felt like it was pulled out of the anime. Our only wish is to see Miss Japan slay the competition with her supersonic waves for reals.


And the interwebz is strongly divided about this one, with several netizens actually excited about cheering Sailor Moon on at the pageant, some wondering what’s going on inside Japan's head, and others not really giving a single fuck while laughing their assess off.

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Strong backing

Well, she does look cute in it


Admit it, it fits

The hate

There’s nothing to talk about

Benta, sir?

It’s just really weird


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