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How JuneMar Fajardo Became The Accidental Role Model Of The Gilas-Australia Smack-Down

He's now considered the gold standard for Filipino athletes
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Jul 3, 2018
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It was reasonable that things got out of hand as tensions were running high last night, and, well, Gilas Pilipinas was getting mauled (pun intended) on the scoreboard. But there was one player out of Team Philippines that we should all admire and respect. He restrained himself in a situation to avoid violence, and it has made him the gold standard of how a Filipino athlete should carry himself, especially in situations where emotion is the main reason that may lead to your downfall. That standard is JuneMar Fajardo.

If you watch the video again, you will see how JuneMar Fajardo even took a jump shot as the Australian, Daniel Kickert, shoved his elbow into RR Pogoy’s face. Seeing your teammate almost knocked out in front of you and still managing to take a shot—now that’s a respectable basketball player if we’ve ever seen one.

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JuneMar elbowed the court with respect

There is no one more chill than JuneMar Fajardo. He doesn't mind watching people punch, kick, and throw chairs in front of him.

You should’ve just walked it off like JuneMar did

That’s why. Wise guy.

And he used his head. He knew he already had several fouls, and adding to that wouldn't have helped the team. But he did get fouled out anyway—so, yeah, wise guy.

He disconnected himself from the brawl

When you don’t understand why everyone’s fighting

We can’t stress enough how JuneMar is the G.O.A.T.

It was a clash he didn't want to be a part of

All around me are familiar faces . . .



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