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#ManilaEncounters that will make you think twice before driving out at night

"Miss, wala ka pong katabi"
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Late-night drives, even commutes, are somewhat relaxing—some would say therapeutic, even. There’s nothing like having the windows down, the cold midnight air in your face as you blast your favorite tunes while speeding down an open stretch of road without a soul in sight. Well, at least it sounded like a good idea before #ManilaEncounters became a thing.

There’s some creepy stuff making its rounds online via that hashtag, and a lot of it has to do with driving or commuting in the wee hours, too. Not a good look, especially if you often find yourself coming home late from the office or taking a Grab home by yourself after a Friday night out.

With that in mind, below are a few #ManilaEncounters that’ll make you question whether a traffic-free late-night commute is worth the trouble of experiencing an encounter of your own. Which one of these tweets do you think is the creepiest?

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