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Meet The Couple Behind The Epic Marvel-Inspired Wedding Video

For Morris and Maria, 'Infinity Begins' now
by Khatrina Bonagua | Sep 18, 2018
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Just when we thought those save-the-date videos and same-day-edits (SDEs) couldn't get any more extra, another viral one pulls us in, keeps us interested, and makes us cry man-tears that could flood Manila's streets.

Infinity Begins, Morris and Maria Chavez’s wedding film, trended online for its creative concept and stunning visual effects. The short video is inspired by various Marvel Cinematic Universe characters such as Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, and Ronan. It was produced by start-up filmmaking company Wonderlast Films.


As of writing, the video has over 2.8 million views on Facebook.

In an interview with, the couple revealed that the whole Marvel concept came in as a surprise for them.

“Like any other couple, we originally thought of having the usual wedding themes like rustic, classic elegant, etc., but there was no spark for us,” they shared. “Then we enumerated the things that we both like and agree on like traveling and balloons (we actually almost ended up with the latter), and then we realized how much we love Marvel (especially Avengers!). From there our imagination went wild, we wanted to have this and that, do this, do that, and we immediately realized what we really wanted as our wedding theme, and that is Marvel.”

According to the couple, Wonderlast Films was the one who thought of the concept of the wedding video. “We just told them that we wanted to have a Marvel-themed wedding. They got excited with the project as well and with their creative, young minds they were able to finish with a storyline and script that we immediately fell in love with! Some parts of the story were changed over time, others even on the shoot itself, nevertheless the outcome still became wonderful,” they said.

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 Morris and Maria Chavez 

They add: “Acting in front of the camera was very challenging for us, but then we're grateful that the directors of Wonderlast were very patient during our shoot. It felt like a dream come true, having a Marvel-ous short film of our own!”

Morris and Maria were also surprised by the reactions that they are getting all over social media.

“We really are not expecting this kind of attention and appreciation that we're getting. Some people like the video because of the special effects, some can relate to our love story, some wants to have a similar theme in their future wedding. But whatever their reason for liking/sharing our video, it makes us feel really happy and proud!”

 Morris and Maria Chavez 
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And since everyone’s curious, the couple also gamely shared their love story to us:

“It was four and a half years ago when we first met, nothing fancy: Maria entered our office as an applicant, our eyes met and we smiled at each other. She was then got hired, and so we're able to get to know each other better,” Morris remembered.

“Each time we were together, our feelings got deeper and deeper for each other. But when we decided to make things official and right for us, challenges began to rush over, one after another. It was as if the world was against us, and there were times when we got weaken by circumstances and almost gave up. But our love was strong, so we endured everything together. Now, more than partners, more than lovers, we are a team. We are aware that challenges and struggles in life will not end, but as long as we're together... bring it on.”

 Morris and Maria Chavez 
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Wonderlast Films prides itself on making quality digital films through epic storytelling. The group was formed in 2014 by a bunch of hobbyists who want to create films for fun. They then established it as a wedding film production in 2016, and the rest, as they say, is history.

According to the production house, the main challenge that they encountered while shooting the couple's viral wedding vid was filming the five fighting scenes, each with the different superheroes.

"We had to produce props and costumes for each hero. We also had to think of how the fight is going to play out—if it is possible in editing? The Iron Man transformation, for example, we want it to be similar to Infinity War's nanotech transformation. That part is just too iconic to skip. But we are also aware that we are not capable of 3D animation. So Direk Dary thought of something pretty clever, which is too complex to discuss here. We will be releasing a tutorial and BTS videos on our Facebook page soon."

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