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The Funniest (And Most Furious) Reactions To The MMDA EDSA Single Ban

This feels like an attack on single people
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Aug 8, 2018
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If you haven't heard, the MMDA has pitched a measure that Metro Manila mayors approved to ban cars on EDSA during rush hours that carry only the driver. It's still not a full implementation, however, and the agency is still drafting guidelines and will conduct a dry run.

This means the strong and independent men and women of our country will either have to take alternative routes or get into relationships for the sake of EDSA rush hour rights. We are hoping for the latter, and are rooting for everyone.

It's no surprise that the reactions of people range from baffled to downright infuriated. Somewhere in the middle are those who don't know how to exactly feel about it that makes them just laugh it off but in a seething manner. And we've gathered the best ones here for you so you won't feel alone in this. You're not the only one, bro. You are not the only one.

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