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#BabeTweets: March 12

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by Mikey Agulto | Mar 12, 2013
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FHM Babe Tweets

Welcome to another edition of FHM Babe Tweets! This week, we're stalking the Twitter pages of Bela Padilla, Lovi Poe, Nikki Palma, and Rhian Ramos, among others. Scroll down below to proceed.

The My Hashtag Says A Lot Award
goes to Bela Padilla, who's probably getting plenty of sympathy tweets from her followers right about now. #haybuhay

FHM Babe Tweets Bela Padilla

The Tweet Before I Sleep Award goes to Ehra Madrigal, who cannot decide what to do with her craft, career, and cravings. #randomfandom

FHM Babe Tweets Ehra Madrigal

The Sexual Innuendo Award goes to Lovi Poe, who may or may not be talking about sexy time. #menlovemilk

FHM Babe Tweets Lovi Poe

The Retweetable Tweet Award goes to Zo Duro, who says that only fools rush in. We ought to get this woman as our next columnist on love and relationships. #pagingPapaJack

FHM Babe Tweets Zo Duro

NEXT: Tweets wrought with irony, good vibes, and good ol' poot!

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