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10 Awesome Figures We Like to Credit Gumby For

It's Gumby week!
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 13, 2011
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Stop-motion Clay Animation is simply animation by way of clay. Just how cartoons work: a handshake is never just a handshake. It is a succession of drawings to make the handshake look as handshake-y as a handshake does.

Yes, Gumby, the green colored clay who used to freak out kids because it wasn't cartoony enough, is an example, perhaps the best one yet. He is the creation of Art Clokey (1921-2010), the man who, by inventing Gumby in 1955, revolutionized the stop-motion clay animation industry.

If you managed to do the math just by reading that, then you'd know that we're celebrating the Gumby creator's 90th birthday! So this explains why search engine site Google redesigned their logo ala-Gumby and Friends on their homepage yesterday, October 12.

This little occurence encouraged us to watch and appreciate them old Gumby episodes on the web (so awesome, by the way), which leads to this thought: this small and slightly idiotic clay humanoid may have indeed played a part in changing today's culture. Here are 10 awesome figures in history that may have been influenced by Gumby during its 56-year run. Look!


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